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Firestick Theater Firestick Theater: But it works with the TV. Any ideas how the firestick can work with the surround sound system. Any ideas will be appreciated. The Amazon Firestick is an amazing gadget for watching video of all kinds. The trick here is to plug your Amazon Firestick into the the home theater system rather than directly into the TV. And of course, cables going to your surround-sound speakers. These are usually on the back of the receiver, although there may be one on the front, depending on your model.

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Download the user guide for your Set-top Box or DVR model below for detailed information on activation, features, dimensions, wiring and more. Review energy efficiency information for set-top boxes, DVRs, and small network equipment below. Sign into My Verizon or the My Fios app to access the self.

Tweet As a cable technician. The biggest issues with connection is the fittings on the coaxial lines. If you have screw on fittings or press on fittings you more than likely looking at your issue. Being that satellite signal needs almost nothing special to run ok. Things such as fittings and coaxial lines never get replaced. After a while these items go bad, just like everything else. So if you are getting connection issues look at all the fittings behind the direct tv boxes make sure they are not press on or screw on.

If they are you will need to change them. If not make sure the middle isolator is white not discolored if it is the line probably needs to be replaced. And if everything is good at this point make sure everything is tight. Then go ahead and unplug the boxes power source from the box itself and unplug your swim system from the wall for about a minute. This allows all boxes to be completely reset.

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My FiOS setup as it was installed: I use my own AP for wireless access around the house — mainly for better coverage and dual-band. This is unrelated to the removal of Actiontec. After weeks of attempts including helpful calls to VZ tech support , I finally decided to try and remove the Actiontec router all together and connect my router directly to the FiOS ONT Ethernet cable.

We’re talking FiOS. Connect the second coaxial cable to the “TV/VCR” output on the back of the STB. The FiOS marks are owned by Verizon Services LLC and used under license. SELFINSTALL 7_ YOU ARE NOW SET TO UNLEASH THE FULL POTENTIAL OF YOUR TELEVISION.

Your monkey’s Kung Fu is not strong Friday, November 06, Your Entertainment Setup Ran into an interesting design problem the other day. Pop in the iPod, play though speakers built in through the whole house. The wires for the system run from a hole in the wall behind them, into the back of the receiver. Which is what I was intending on doing last weekend By hiding the power outlets behind the appliances, the designer made the wiring cleaner, simpler — and utterly un-upgradable.

Of course, why would you upgrade? You can hook up your speakers to your iPod! When will we ever invent anything cooler than that?

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Microsoft recently announced that after a dozen years, it would no longer include support for Windows Media Center WMC in the upcoming Windows The premise was to leverage the power of PC hardware to enable an all-in-one media center, capable of playing DVDs, videos, photos and music with a 10 foot remote control interface. While WMC never really became hugely popular, it has a dedicated and vocal community.

Over time, WMC also added a number of improvements that extended its functionality:

The Verizon Fios receiver box transmits the television service signal to your TV. The receiver boxes also acts as the control station for the channels, volume and on-demand features as well as a connection point for other equipment in your home theater setup.

Enter your email address to track this question and its answers. Follow 4 Answers from the Community Select type of answer. Choosing a selection will reload the page. Yes, but you will need to keep the router Verizon gave you to function as a modem. Keep the coax cable plugged into the Fios router, then run a cat5 over to the AE. I recommend this set-up, because I have Fios and just set up my apple router today, and it is a huge improvement in speed.

The Genius at the apple store recommend that I turn off the wireless on the fios router by logging in url is

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They arrived one day after ordering helps we are only about 25 miles from where they are made , and after hooking up worked like a dream. I order the bundle so I can have one upstairs and downstairs. Thought I might have an issue with the one downstairs since there are some trees and an aluminum gazebo outside the room, no problems at all.

Is it possible to hook up a DVD/VCR combo unit to the Verizon DVR unit? There is nowhere to plug the coax cable coming from the. VCR/DVD into the DVD player.

Chad November 3, at 3: I have called nearly everyday, getting the run-around on having them reset it remotely, turning it off and on, etc. When I called, the technical department had no information on that. Here we sit 2 days later and nothing. Enraged, I called to have my bill adjusted as to not be charged for the 2. Katelyn October 24, at 3: I took it to the suddenlink store they told me they had no tivos in the store and they would have to schedule an appointment I was a little annoyed but it was fine.

Today was the day of the appointment the scheduled time was from 8 to For the technicians to never show up! I am normally a very patient person but I an very annoyed now Calvin Biggs October 20, at 6:

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Welcome to Tom’s Hardware, dannyLia! You should check if you have the latest firmware updates installed on your router. According to the specs of your model, it should incorporate USB ports that give you the opportunity to access an external HDD device. However, I’d strongly recommend backing up your data from it somewhere else as well.

Unfortunately, sometimes plugging external drives to multiple devices could actually corrupt their file system, which might result in data loss.

Installing Verizon Fios Self-Installation is a great way to set up your Fios Internet, TV and Phone service(s) when it’s convenient for you. Verizon can mail you the equipment or you can pick it up at one of our Fios Locations.

Special offers on new products and services If I have any questions about my bill, should I call Verizon or Frontier? We are here for you. Effective April 1, , you can contact Frontier at Residence or at Business or you can chat with us live and ask any questions you may have regarding your bill. I’d like to receive my residential bill in Spanish, how do I sign up?

Customers can change the primary language used in their billing and customer communications from English to Spanish through Frontier. Please contact us after April 1st at to inquire about your Spanish language billings options. No, your current services will not change on April 1st.


This is one of the few routers on the market that actually supports AC band wireless, and if you have a device that also supports AC wireless then you will notice the difference is significant. I use the router for gaming, web browsing, and DLNA. This router takes anything you throw at it, chews it up, and spits it out. This is hands down the best wireless router I have ever purchased.

Activate Set-top Box or DVR. Sign into My Verizon or the My Fios app to access the self-installation tool from your dashboard. This tool can help with both the installation and activation process. Activation takes approximately 20 minutes.

About an hour into the movie, the audio started breaking up and the video started pixelating. Then this error message appeared: Please ensure that the wires are securely connected to your set-top box. If you continue to experience problems please contact Verizon at and specify code CL My wife had fallen asleep on the sofa, so I put on some soft music and used the opportunity to help Verizon debug their problem. Incidentally, in the old days, area codes were optional for local calls, which is why they were put in parenthesis.

I called Verizon and waited 18 minutes on hold before getting to speak to somebody. While on hold, I did what every TV consumer would do in the same situation. No, not go to the bathroom. I went to the basement, restarted the broadband router being sure to leave it off for about 20 seconds , came back upstairs, restarted the cable box ditto , and tried to access VOD again. No luck, same error message.

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