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A blog where I’ll display my vintage Maglite Collection, including some very rare lights, and for other collectors to discuss information on lights, parts, history, repairs, and restoration. Check out my other flashlight blog at: How old is my C cell Maglite? C cells are far less popular than D cells. Even now, aside from 5C and 6C lights , there isn’t much collector interest in them. A lot of it is likely due to lesser variety vs. This guide pieces together the little information I have on them. My contact information is on the right if anyone needs assistance too. Parts are sometimes switched making the lights difficult to identify.

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Franklin brought his drunk pilot comedy act to Jasper and it turned out to be a huge hit both in the show and online. A video of the act was posted on the KJAS Facebook page and it went viral with more than , people seeing the video. Great to see that people still teach their children respect and manners. Don’t mess with Texas.

The fact that Kyle Franklin can bring so much happiness to so many people through his drunk pilot act or performing aerobatics is amazing considering the sadness and heartbreak that has occurred in his own life.

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Third-party monitoring service reports may not be used for justification, due to a variety of factors, including the monitor’s network capacity and reliability.

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By Michael Kwan Professional Technology Writer Social media has repeatedly demonstrated its remarkable ability to connect old friends and inspire action. For all the positives and strengths that these online communities are able to provide, however, social networks are certainly not without their pitfalls and shortcomings too. Privacy and Safety Concerns The risks associated with using social networks are well-documented.

One of the biggest concerns has to do with privacy and safety, particularly with regard to children and teenagers, but also with adults. Cyber-bullying is also a very big problem. According to a DoSomething.

HER Terms and Conditions. Effective Date: May 25, Our Terms. Welcome to HER! HER provides a platform for dating, making friends, reading content, finding out about local events, or just chatting with the biggest community for queer people worldwide.

View Our Returnloads Triple A Transport Services Ltd are a leading provider of high quality transport and warehousing services with a proven track record dating back over twenty years. We offer offer container de-van and full container delivery services, additionally a full pick and pack service in a fully operational high tech warehouse operating the latest warehousing software, along with import and export worldwide and logistics planning, with a next day and economy European freight delivery service.

Additionally, our strategically placed facilities in Tilbury, Essex 15 miles east of Central London and located just off the M25 London orbital operates an extensive fleet of company owned trucks and trailers and are members of the leading UK national pallet network, Pallex UK. We provide substantial warehousing in Tilbury as well as operating outsourced facilities for major UK manufacturers. We strongly believe in the development of long-term relationships with our customers, who in turn can be assured of receiving reliable, progressive logistic solutions and high quality professional service from a dedicated and efficient management team.

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So ridiculous replica hermes taschen Yes, place all of that on a grown woman who happens to have money she garnered from her sex tape being exploited. You have no idea what this woman does in terms of philanthropy. You have no fucking clue. You are not going to fix poverty with the charity or throwing money at the problem, it needs to be a state policy, otherwise, you are attacking the consequences of the problem instead of its causes, so, no well-meaning individual will change such huge issues by themselves.

And placing the burden of doing charity and social good fare squarely on the government shoulders has never been a good idea.

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Phillip Inman has more on the story here, where he writes: Last year the UK was given a warning by Fitch when the credit rating outlook was changed to negative , becoming the second ratings agency to put the treasured AAA rating at risk after Moody’s made the same move. At the same time as changing the UK’s outlook to ‘negative’ , Moody’s made a range of adjustments including downgrades for Italy , Malta , Portugal , Slovenia , Slovakia and Spain.

At that time, Moody’s also announced France and Austria would share the same fate as the UK with their outlooks being changed to negative. Just days earlier Moody’s cut its assessment of Cyprus’s government bonds, downgrading them by one notch from Ba3 to B3. The ratings agency cited fragile and weakening banks as the main factor in its decision, stating: In order to maintain appropriate domestic bank capital levels, the Cypriot government will likely need to provide financial support to the country’s banks that could threaten the sustainability of the government’s debt burden So, who are the ratings agencies?

What they do is assess how likely a borrower is to be able to repay its debts and help those trading debt contracts in the secondary market. That means for those trading debt contracts such as Treasury gilts after they have been issued, ratings agencies help assess a fair price to charge.

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The software-defined wide area network is a cloud ready service for enterprise. Using Big Data to transform business processes. In-depth. 13 Nov, Nicholas Fearn.

But pop the trunk and chances are, you won’t find a spare tire, or a jack, or even a lug wrench. They’ve gone the way of the Model T. Instead of a spare, auto makers, from Acura to Volvo, are equipping new vehicles with an emergency sealant and inflator kit or tires that if damaged can run reasonable distances without air. The vanishing spare tire has car buyers buzzing. Even so, 51 percent of models came equipped with temporary spares, and the run-flat tire was standard in 7.

Would not buy another. Well, in , the Department of Transportation and Environmental Protection Agency established new corporate average fuel economy standards for vehicle model years to The new standards are set at a combined Achieving these standards will require many changes to the vehicles we drive.

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Why was I not aware? This Australian court decision is like 3, pages long but it is riveting; if you built a CPDO, email me, I will buy you a drink and you can tell me all about it. As well it might have! To simplify enormously the CPDO deal was:

A craft beer bar serves pizza and pub snacks, a full-service cocktail lounge mixes libations and a 30,bottle wine cellar holds more than $3 million worth of vintages dating back to the s.

Just last night, I was at a party where there were 35 guys and 4 girls including myself. The guys at these parties also talk about the nerdiest things. My convos last night included: You know the situation is dire when you have a Tinder match with 1 of the only 4 girls in the party when there are way more men in there. Dating Honestly, I thought I would have it really easy because of the ratio. But it is too overwhelming when there are too many choices. Last year, I tried Tinder, and I went on a date every single night, and after 1 month, every guy started to sound the same.

I was having trouble distinguishing the difference between these guys. The date topics had been: Can someone please disrupt this cycle? Being surrounded by on demanded service, every single guy out here just want some kind of on demand dating. There is almost no sense of security or long term relationships to be discussed here.